Interior Design

Stunning Beauty in Every Minor Detail

Partner with a leading interior design company in the Tyler, TX area

Have you tried to update your furniture or home décor with little success? Don't throw your money away on furnishings that won't stick. Angie Reed's Construction and Design is a trusted interior design company with years of experience in the Tyler, TX area. We'll create a personalized, cohesive plan to completely revitalize your outdated living spaces.

Our interior design services can transform a single room or your entire home. There's nothing we can't improve, including furniture, lighting, flooring, décor and other important details.

Call now for a one-on-one consultation with our lead designer.

Reasons to hire an interior designer

Many homeowners experiment endlessly with different design schemes, never feeling satisfied with the finished look. Our interior design company will take your unique style and budget preferences and create truly stunning rooms. Schedule our interior design services to:

Save time - trust a professional to get the details right without costly trial and error
Save money - we have a vast network of contractors at our disposal to provide discounted plumbing, electrical, flooring and construction
Steal the spotlight - we'll think outside the box to give you a truly wow-worthy interior design

We offer free estimates after the initial plans are drawn. Talk with us today to go over every important detail.

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